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TERRA PHARM is a new company formed by the people behind Toigo Farms, an organic fruits and vegetable producer in central Pennsylvania.  Toigo Farms’ strong reputation for high quality produce raised with environmentally sustainable methods is the foundation of Terra Pharm’s vision for producing and dispensing quality medicinal cannabis products.



Passion for Health & Wellness

Commitment to Quality Products & Services

Reliance on Research Backed Production Methods

Regulatory Compliance & Ethical Corporate Practices

Community Engagement

Proactive Organizational Diversity

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About Terra Pharm

Providing Safe, Scientific, & Socially Responsible Medicinal Cannabis

Ecologically Sustainable Production Methods
Scientifically Driven Product Development
Medically Effective Products & Services
Socially Responsible Community Engagement

A title and stuff

Terra Pharm – like its parent company Toigo Farms – believes that controlled, sustainable, organic agriculture production is good for the customers, community, and those who work for the company.  Toigo Farms has a proven history of sustainable, environmentally friendly, research based, high quality agricultural production and sales.  Their flagship operation is a quarter of a million square-foot certified organic production facility that is ecologically state of the art.  Closed loop control of heat, water, and nutrients provide a feedback loop of continuous improvement that ensures high production values as well as negligible environmental impact.

Once regulatory approval is granted, Terra Pharm can add on to this facility immediately and be able to quickly begin actual production due to the existing facility.

Terra Pharm will continue the work done by Toigo Farms to partner with medically based organizations and opportunities.  They will utilize the academic and professional communities in PA to bring about real environmental and economic progress.

Terra Pharm will continue the research based production technique is already uses in organic vegetable production to help develop and improve the quality and efficacy of medicinal cannabis.  Through their horticultural knowledge, expertise and capabilities Terra Pharm is poised to be a valuable participant in researching the efficacy of different products. A key objective is to make the selection and purchase of medical cannabis more of a science and more reliable for the treatment of illness and pain.

The team at Terra Pharm will strive to produce the purest and safest product for its patients with the lowest amounts of side-effects that could be detrimental to day-to-day life and productivity.

Terra Pharm’s parent company has a sterling reputation as socially responsible and a good neighbor in central PA.  Connections within the region are sought out and cultivated through service opportunities, community events, and charity outreach to those in need.

Terra Pharm has actively engaged the community from the beginning.  They have received support and positive recommendations from numerous sources.   Incorporating the feedback received from local and state government, community leaders, and medical professionals has helped provide the blueprint for future operations.

Making a positive impact for the region will require providing an excellent work environment.  Terra Pharm is committed to maintaining a diverse and well trained work force that is competitively compensated.  A diversity officer is part of the management team and will be focused on training, recruiting, and identifying opportunities to expand diversity through the company.

Safety & Security

Terra Pharm will employ a comprehensive security system to maintain a safe working environment and ensure product is always accounted for and secure from theft or criminal negligence.  This will include intrusion detection and assessment systems, entry control, physical barriers, fences, storage structures, delay mechanisms, denial devices, security forces, and support personnel.

Terra Pharm will incorporate a defense in depth approach which will utilize multiple layers of security in order to ultimately deny any intruder access to the cannabis.  As an integral part of the security system, the security force must be sized, organized, armed, equipped, trained, and tactically employed to meet the Cannabis Security Standard put forth by the state of Pennsylvania.

A Security Force will be comprised of trained, armed, and uniformed security professionals.  All security professionals will be required to attend a Security Certification Course.  This course was designed by the foremost security experts in the cannabis industry in Pennsylvania with distinguished backgrounds in Law Enforcement and the military.

Terra Pharm has commissioned several firms specializing in secure facility development to create plans and renderings demonstrating a multi-layered security system.  The images below open up to reveal how the elements around the facility – from specific landscaping of rocks and shrubbery to dedicated fencing and camera placement – ensure that access is limited and controlled.

Exterior Entrance Elevation Rendering
Security Fence Elevation Details
Security Perimeter Elements
Facility Camera Placement

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